• Individual business deals

Canvas successfully serves as a modern and spectacular design object in your office decoration and in the creation of the atmosphere. With the canvas it is possible to successfully promote the image of a company by printing company’s logo, values, motivational slogans or products on them. Canvas can serve as a high quality and tasteful gift for your employees’, annual or private celebrations. Your customers and partners will feel honoured to receive a modern high-quality gift, such as an art reproduction of a worldwide famous artist with your company's logo in the canvas corner.

  • Individual deals for hotels, guest houses, restaurants and public spaces

Take care of your customers and make them feel special and welcome – the canvas will be the best solution to fill the space with the right feelings. Colours and ideas are limitless. In co-operation with you, we will develop the most appropriate solutions as well as provide our own proposals for your spacial improvement. Is it a restaurant, hotel, beauty salon, library, private school or a clinic? We will create an atmosphere that your visitors will appreciate!

  • Wholesale

We can make large quantities of canvases on order. Do you have ideas on how to sell canvas in different trading locations or for export to other countries? We will provide you with a big batch of completed canvases, which will be taken to the required place as soon as possible, meanwhile we will stand by our top priorities – the highest level of quality and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.




  • Cooperation offer for photographers and photo studios

We are offering cooperation opportunities to photographers and photo studios throughout Europe. You have an incredible opportunity to earn extra money by offering not only photo session services to your customers, but also a final result – high-quality photo paintings. A lot of wedding organizers will be happy to perpetuate those joyful moments on canvases. It means that you have an opportunity to offer this additional service to the customers. We do the work and you get paid. The amount depends on wether you order the canvas for your customer directly from us, or if your customer orders the canvas himself/herself by referencing to your services, in which case you gain a commission payment.

At the same time photographers have an opportunity to place their best works in the Canvas Gallery section. Do nothing and earn a percentage of the total sum of the orders each time your photo is used in the manufacturing of canvas. In addition, in the descriptive part of the picture, we will advertise the artist by providing their individual information and describing the story of the image – your potential customers could become interested in it.

  • Cooperation offers for architects, interior, and design companies

Prepare offers for your customers, we are inviting you to incorporate quality design elements – canvases, which can be elegantly adapted to any of your client's wishes – it's a great opportunity to earn more. People are happy to decorate their space with the help of canvases, which means that you are able to actively offer this product. We are doing the work, and you are getting a margin of the profit between the contract prices, if ordering a canvas for your customer directly, or you get a commission payment, if you specified that a customer will order canvas by himself/herself.


  • Cooperation offer for sales channels, Affiliate program

Bloggers, advertising agencies, sales portals and other interested parties who have contacts and opportunities to expand sales channels, we offer effective opportunities for collaboration. You can earn money from the commission percentage from all new customer purchases with your reference, if you are promoting our services with your advertorials or making recommendations to your partners and customers – thus this can be a mutually beneficial cooperation.


3. QUALITY, SPEED AND DELIVERY is focusing solely on the production of canvases, so our priority is a flawless product.

Professional attitude, selected top quality pine tree underframe, 100% cotton printing canvas, the latest generation Eco-solvent printer, the only canvas ordering 3D tool in Europe, canvas delivery in any European Union country in a couple of days – these arguments are speaking for themselves, if you are interested in really high quality end product, please email us at, or contact us by phone number +371 26 186 182!

We are open for cooperation!

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