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Our goal is to make our customer
100% satisfied with the result

therefore, we fulfil each order with special care and high quality materials.

The highest quality of canvasses is ensured by professional printing equipment and diligence in our work. The picture you select is first printed on the canvas preserving high colour contrast, brightness and distinct outlines. Then manual work follows – we pull already printed canvasses on a specially produced pine wood sub-frame, attaching the canvasses to the frame using clips. We draw particular attention to the formation of corners to prevent any visual defects. To stretch the canvas in the best way possible the frame is assembled from 4 edge modules with specially cut corner fastenings. Thanks to the high-quality processing of the sub-frame, it does not deform and can keep its shape in the long term.

We would like to especially highlight the high quality of the canvas – it is particularly resistant to UV radiation, which will ensure a longer life and protect its colours from fading in the sun. For printing we use only environmentally friendly paints, whose main advantage is flexibility, they deeply soak into the canvas protecting the paint in folds.

  • High-quality canvas, 100% cotton
  • Durable paints, high colour contrast
  • 100% guarantee against UV radiation
  • Treated pine wood sub-frame, that does not deform
  • Thorough manual work  in order to attach the canvas to the frame

We guarantee a high quality work and will gladly help you to find answers to any and all questions as well as resolve any ambiguity. If necessary, we will contact you in order to make sure that the quality of the selected picture is as appropriate and and offer ways to improve colours. To help you avoid searching for options on how to deliver the canvas to your home, we will deliver it to the address at your convenience at a time that suits you.

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