7 Photo tips for lovers

Every year, Valentines day fills us with joy and warms our hearts after the cold winter by creating everlasting memories. No matter whether you’ve been together for a couple weeks, months or years, Valentine’s day is the time to surprise one another in unique and unforgettable ways. Looking back at your time spent together is one of the most wonderful things to do and the best way to do so is to take photos. That’s why we have compiled a bunch of useful tips!

Enjoy nature

Feel the connection with the primal. Nature never stops finding new ways to surprise us with its might and beauty. Besides, using it as a background costs nothing, or sometimes, a meager amount you can certainly afford. Think of your favourite place outside the city – a river, mountain, forest or any other and go there! A sea or a lake will create the feeling of peace and majesticness in the picture. Many couples choose to do their photo sessions in the nearby parks and forests because those places remind them about the nature around, besides going there doesn’t take up a lot of time. Take note that sometimes it’s worthwhile to travel around searching for a perfect place. Who knows, there might be an outstandingly beautiful mountain, bridge, or an alley less than an hour or two away.

City has its charm

This might sound like a cliche, but every city has a marvel of architecture that you can use for your session. Bridges, parks, the old city – these are but a few options that can be found in nearly any urban area. Romantic photos don’t necessarily have to be with just the couple alone – focused couple in the middle of a crowd creates an intriguing “me and you – peaceful in the rush” effect. A bit of imagination and a small amount of time is enough to create unique, romantic photographies. If you lack inspiration, return to proven values – places that hold memories.

Planning and technicals

You must plan in advance (at least 2-3 days) for your session in order to avoid unwelcoming weather and could squeeze in, at least, a few hours for it. However, if something unexpected happens, don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and change the defect into effect – the rain might soak you wet, but it will give you a chance to prove that nothing can stand in the way of your love, as well as, of course, create an amazing picture!
A small change in the angle, focus, lighting or zoom are factors that can be easily modified on the spot and hold the capacity to enhance the picture tenfold! Be bold and take lots of pictures, so that you have many options to choose from.

Foto: Linda Skoromko - misselfonsi.tumblr.com

Express yourself with hair

When preparing for a shoot, many women have the tendency to spend an incredible amount of time on their hairstyle and cosmetics which is understandable – you must look stunning. It’s true that you must look your best, but it’s even more important to look like yourself. If professional care is available – great, but if you’re looking at more budget-friendly options, ask your friends or family members for help and opinion.

Foto: www.trendhunter.com


For the most part, people photograph in one and the same clothes that heavily influence the theme of the session and limit the photographers options, which is why I suggest taking multiple garments. It will allow adjusting yourselves to the scenery, as well as provide choices for experimenting with the different combinations. For the sake of variety, I suggest taking formal, semi-formal attire, as well as more untraditional and even funky clothing as the cherry on the cake.

Posing suggestions

Ieteikumi pozām


Don’t forget about the usefulness of accessories when shooting, for example, antique furniture will give an old-fashioned feeling to your picture. An effective solution for your photos is a self-made sign – a simple A4 page or carton with a heart, word or a sentence to convey a message. Use any and everything you see around you, for example, if you’re at the beach, draw hearts or other ornaments in the sand. If you’re in the forest, use branches, leaves and anything else you can find around you. The most important advice I can give you is to remember that photo is like a white canvas and it is in your power to make it exactly the way you envision. In other words, be creative!

No matter how you decide to spend this romantic day, remember that the most important part is to make your other half feel elated and have a good time doing it! After you will have looked through and sorted out the photos from the awesome session, you can make them into canvasses for your home, office or as gifts to your family.

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